Friday, March 30, 2012

The wheels are now turning....

So, deployments fell through, employment was more like indentured servitude, and I'm currently enrolled in school! The baby was born and all is well. THIS BLOG IS OFFICIALLY UP AGAIN. You will see way more activity! I currently have two computers now so machines going down are not an issue. I also have a new "job" I received a loan and purchased a laser cutter and a Mendal 3d printer and I'm going to design "with my brother" Wargame Terrain! as far as I know we'll be one of the very few in the US to make these laser cut terrain pieces. SO with this being my new job I'll be able to dedicate more time to the hobby as well finding everyone cheaper alternatives to TITAN companies miniatures and accessories.

The free DIY style I started with will continue as well!

I'm truly sorry for the long inactivity and the lack of a 6mm miniature tutorial that never was but I promise good things to come!

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