Thursday, May 12, 2011


The good news: I recently found out that I have a child on the way!

The bad news: I'm currently in between jobs & my laptop took a dump on me and I had lost all my photos and files that I have been working on for this blog. 

The good news, "Again": I had a load of spare pc parts around the house and I'm in the process of making a "promethean" machine, I will have to start working on the tutorials from scratch seeing how the files have been lost but it will be posted as promised. 

I also have a load of ideas for a digital wargaming table, "please don't throw anything at me for saying this!" that eliminates the need for physical terrain and minis to allow those with space and budget issues the ability to game. More on this later.....


  1. Thanks for the update. Keep fighting. The promethian machine part sounds like something interesting to do but circumstances can push you into doing the action, whereas if everything goes smoothly it can be put off.

    Obviously the budget issues would be caused by buying a computer and maintaining an internet connection on that last item. Did you know that in some countries that is free?

  2. Congrats on your good news! I hope you find employment soon.

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