Saturday, March 12, 2011

6mm soldier

Had some time so I sculpted a generic 6mm SF soldier. It took a grand total of 30 minutes and about a pinch of ProCreat. This is my first 6mm sculpt, I can honestly say that it is easy to do so long as the proper tools and medium are used. I'll make a tutorial and post it online when I have the time. The key is in keeping the figure iconic, "you don't have to cram a lot of detail in and only sculpt the important stuff." This sculpt is nowhere near the quality that Baccus, DRM or GZG produces but it would do on the table. I'm sure if I took more time on this a better sculpt could be made.

I need to watch for scale creep :)


  1. Great first sculpt!

    I've been wanting to sculpt 6mm figures for a long time. I look forward to your tutorial!


  2. It will be posted in a few weeks to a month, I'll be away this weekend for about 3-4 weeks doing some military training.