Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All Finished

The Project is finished and I'm happy with the results! Total time on one mini took me about 6hrs but you can't even tell its a cheapo dollar store army man. I'm also limited on paints and only have about 6 colors.

The paint used was cheap (Craft Smart) brand acrylic from Michael's coming in at 2bucks a bottle (Way cheaper than GW brand but not as good in quality) The base was also a 1 1/4" wood square had at Michael's.

I barely put a dent in my Pro Create poly clay! One pack can go a long way....

Miliput and Green Stuff- aka Kneadatite should work for a project like this as well.


  1. Way to go!! That´s the way I like it...cheap stuff turned into something great. (Though I haven´t got the talent to do what you´ve done there)
    I agree, he doesn´t look like a dime store fig anymore...great!!
    I´ve more or less the same philosophy about doing the hobby on the cheap...I shan´t get started about what I think about certain "brand" name paints specifically "made" for the hobby or certain types of Creosote re-packaged and sold at 5 x the price as shaders etc.
    If you can get it...Marabu Acrylic paints...dam cheap..I pay the same for 50ml as a "brand" name 12ml bottle. Add a drop of floor cleaner/window cleaner, any brand will do (acts as a flow agent) and bingo...it´s AS good as the rest. I only use marabu or hobbyline.
    I look forward to more posts from you.

  2. Looking splendid,, I've added your blog to my blogroll.

    Greets and keep the "cheap" stuff coming!

  3. Thank you for the feed back! I'll be sure to keep it coming